Community Initiatives 

This project is grassroots and community driven. 

At the heart of this project is the knowledge that community are the experts and have the ideas and solutions to drive community change. This asset map was developed through conversations. 

These conversations sowed the seeds to bring people together that shared similar passions and from this initiative groups have grown and will continue to grow. 

What are you passionate about? 

Is there a group that you want to join? Or is there a group you would like to form yourself?

Community Initiative Groups

These groups meet regularly. Look at the events calendar to see when they are happening next.

Eco-social Justice - gathering in which people who are passionate about issues to do with the environment and social justice can come together to pool ideas, and resources in order to effect change

Creative's Arts Group - Is a gathering of creatives and allows space to pitch creative/community arts project and ideas and to also see whether they can link to others for support to make the idea come to life.

The Cultural & Family Initiative - Is a gathering of people who are passionate around opportunities and ideas to cultivate strong family and culture in our community

Healthy Childhood Network - Is a network of service providers  and community who are passionate about creating healthy opportunities and projects for children to experience healthy and safe childhoods

Cairns Housing Initiative - Is a group that are passionate about building housing/social housing within the community