Grassroots Projects

Have you got an idea that will enrich the Cairns West community? 

The Our Place project is all about supporting and linking people to make social initiatives or projects come alive. 

This is a community platform so if you need support getting your project off the ground please reach out. 

There is a Request Project Support tab below so don't be shy let us see what gifts community have to help support your project. 

Need some help getting your project off the ground?

We can help get the word out about your project.

Below are a few community project ideas that are in development and need community support in various forms. 

African Restaurant

Jossee pitched an idea for an African restaurant that celebrates the wonderful diverse cuisines of Africa.
Not only is the restaurant a celebration of tastes but also celebrates music, dance and culture.

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Talking Poles

The creation of  a "Culture Art walk Trail" that depicts the 22 cultural groups that live within Cairns West. 

Inter-generational project that bring elders and youth from different cultures together so they connect through storytelling and carving/art work designs onto poles.

Value: The sharing of Cultural and traditional knowledge and stories and creating space for conversations so that relationships between elders and youth can grow.

Raise cultural awareness between groups as well as empowering youth through connection to their culture 

Bringing pride back into the community

Ono needs support with:Grant writing, Funding, Environmental approval, Identification of materials and artists Community consultation and identifying Elders and youth

Contact Person: Onokura Kata  



Grant Opportunities

Community Arts Space

There is a collective call for a community arts space. Something that reflected the old Grafton Arts Community arts centre.

We will be pursuing this idea into 2021 and if anyone would like to be part of this we will be having a working group around this so keep your eye in the events calendar

Grant Opportunities