An eclectic mix of creatives that are passionate about seeing more art and creativity in the community

This group developed from an idea to bring artists and creatives together to explore ways to enliven the arts in Cairns West. Through a Creative's Soup Evening everyone had an opportunity to pitch their community based arts ideas.

Young Congolese high school students passionately voiced their desire to get their songs recorded. From that moment individuals came forward to help them on their journey. Adrian Thomas, Mel Lizotte- Stephonavicius from PCYC and Naomi Wenitong have mentored them in music and promotion. Petina Tieman through her business, Complete Business, mentored them and created business cards for them as well as gave them a platform to perform at their business launch. They created backing tracks and recorded their songs and are now the Starboys. 

The beautiful Lia and Merindi spoke about Karrkay Binalmalmal their unique First Nations immersive childhood learning workshops that brings together culture, music and weaving.  They enchanted everyone and this led them to being introduced into the the Early childhood network, another initiative of Our Place.

The second pitch night was full of incredible community arts project ideas. The standout was a collective cry for a Community Art Space. A place to network, gather, create and learn. This has developed into a working group that reflects across the arts who are passionately working towards an incubation site for creativity. It will be wonderful to see what transpires.

Also Jossee expressed her dream to open an African restaurant celebrating the diversity of African cuisine as well as culture through music and dance. Both of these ideas will be pursued in 2021

There are many more examples so if you would like to join this network of creatives we will meet every two months. To join just contact:

Have you got something interesting that you would like to pitch?

Keep your eye on the events page for the next Creatives Pitch night!

Julia pitching her idea for a collective arts space at the Creative's Pitch Night

Naomi Wenitong mentoring Prince & Patrick from the Starboys