About Cairns West

Cairns West consists of the neighbourhoods of Mooroobool, Manoora and Manunda and they sit in the heart of Cairns. Collectively, it has been referred to as the 3Ms and from outside these communities is quite often regarded in a negative context. This asset map that has been created from within community and is about breaking down negative stereotypes and opening a glimpse of how dynamic this community and the people within it are. What is apparent is that the community is strong, resilient and incredibly passionate.

Not only is it the most culturally diverse area of Cairns, with over 22 different cultural groups but it also has a long and rich historical and traditional connection to the traditional owners of the area

This asset map will contin.ue to evolve and we are looking for your stories to become a part of this community resource to lend insight into the past, the present and the future dreams of the community.